Sterile Full Access Underbody Blanket – Model 637


  • Sterile, full access design is ideal when a standing surgical prep is employed
  • Unique fluid outlets minimize pooling of fluids on the surface of the blanket
  • Pass-through slits allow flexible patient positioning and the use of a drawsheet
  • Soft, radiolucent materials accommodate imaging requirements
  • Perforated area at head of blanket can be removed to accommodate a full prone position
  • Adhesive strips and tuck flaps secure the blanket to the OR/procedure table
  • Resealable hose ports at either end of the blanket provide options for hose placement
  • One clear plastic drape (included) helps retain warm air around the head of the patient

This sterile blanket is designed to provide unrestricted patient access and is ideal when a standing surgical prep is employed.

The sterile full access underbody blanket is ideal for procedures including a standing surgical prep. This blanket can be conveniently positioned before the patient arrives to the room, and may be used during trauma, cardiac, complex or routine surgeries where the patient is in the supine, lateral or prone positions.

Suggested Applications

  • OR (Cosmetic/Reconstructive, Liposuction, Body Contour/Lift, Combination Surgical Procedures, Burn)



3M™ Bair Hugger™ Therapy
Clinical Area
Cardiac & Specialty, OR, Underbody
Drape Length
24 Inch
Drape Length (metric)
61 cm
Drape Width
48 Inch
Drape Width (metric)
122 cm
84 Inch
Length (Metric)
91 cm
Net Weight
7 oz
Net Weight (Metric)
198 g
Product Type
5 Case
36 Inch
Width (Metric)
221 cm