Saving the lives of those who cannot speak for themselves

Apart from saving human lives, Augustine Medical has also long been involved in the animal health care industry, staying true to our altruistic strategic objectives.
To this end, we have recently donated some blankets to vets who were in dire need of keeping animals warm whilst under anaesthesia. These blankets, although originally intended for human use, are very effective in maintaining normothermia and work equally well on animals depending on the model being used.
We specifically recommend the following models:
  • Model 555 – Paediatric Underbody Blanket
  • Model 545 – Adult Underbody Blanket
  • Model 550 – Large Paediatric Underbody Blanket
In the pictures below, you will see how several vets have successfully used these in surgeries ranging from amputations, castrations, trauma and reconstructive surgeries. 3M™ Bair Hugger™ also have some products specifically designed for use on animals that you can view here.
If you have any questions about our product range available for animals, sponsorships to vets or usage of these by yourself or your business, please do not hesitate to contact us here.
Here are some of the vets we are proud supporters (and sponsors) of:
Mdzananda Animal Clinic
Click here – This vet is situated in Kayelitsha and has a strong focus on community empowerment and education. This places them in a unique position to have a wide-spread impact in other disadvantaged communities and vets seeking financial and other assistance. They also perform a wide variety of surgeries which gives them the opportunity to make use of our wide product range and increase the frequency of usage.
Lowveld Vet Whiteriver
Click here – Recognising that pets have owners who regard their fur babies as biological kin, Graeme and his wife Daniela Spath brought the knowledge they’d gleaned from five years working at a veterinary practice in the UK to White River.  Although they are a commercial institution, they are very involved in conservation and has a great online presence that we can leverage once our products are everyday commodities there.
Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre
Click here – Focusing on conservation and the sustainability of rare, vulnerable and threatened species, this gives AMSA another platform to promote veterinary products to save lives of not only pets but endangered species. The centre has adopted a holistic approach to its conservation activities, such as the educating of surrounding communities, tourism, breeding, rehabilitation and anti-poaching, which means that they have a wide reach we can leverage.
Johannesburg Wildlife Veterinary Hospital NPC
Click here – Similar to Hoedspruit, this is a dedicated wildlife ONLY veterinary hospital in Johannesburg. Their aim is to improve the quality of treatment and survival rate of small to medium sized indigenous South-African wildlife (e.g. Pangolins). Their vision is to become a world class facility which will serve as a teaching hospital for veterinary students interested in treating wildlife. This places us in a unique position once again to have a good platform from which to influence other veterinarians and the hospitals they work at.