3M™ Patient Warming Products

Anaesthetised patients can’t regulate their temperature The body’s physiological response to anaesthesia places virtually every anaesthetised surgical patient at risk for unintended hypothermia, regardless of age, sex or physical condition. Research shows that core body temperature drops rapidly (up to 1.6ºC in the first hour alone [1]) following the induction of anaesthesia.

Unfortunately, unintended hypothermia remains an all-too common and costly complication of surgery despite its association with higher mortality rates [2], longer hospital stays [3] and an increased rate of wound infection [4].

The good news: unintended hypothermia is easily preventable.  Studies show that warming patients to maintain a core temperature of 36.0ºC or higher helps improve outcomes by reducing the frequency of complications often associated with unintended hypothermia. Forced-air warming offers a safe, simple, cost-effective method to prevent unintended hypothermia and its complications.

3M™ patient warming products include 3M™ Bair Hugger™ therapy and the 3M™ Ranger™ fluid warming systems and can help prevent unintended hypothermia and its complications. Read more about our intra-operative patient warming and blood and fluid warming products.

Disposable Blankets

Bair Hugger™ therapy offers over 24 styles of blankets to meet both your everyday and specialized patient warming needs – from pediatric to geriatric, from brief procedures to long complex procedures.

All Bair Hugger™ blankets feature:

  • Flexible, easy to use designs

  • Uniform perforation pattern across the blanket surface ensures even convective warming

  • Re-sealable hose ports (where applicable)

  • Soft, radiolucent, latex-free materials




3M™ Bair Hugger™ warming units are machines that connect to disposable, specially formulated blankets to provide safe, quiet and effective warming to surgical patients around the world. 3M™ Bair Hugger™ warming units combine performance, precision and ease-of-use into a single compact unit.