3M Infection Prevention Products

We stock a full range of 3M products, please enquire with our sales department for further details and view the full product list here.

3M™’s Infection Prevention Solutions are based on a commitment to partnering with our customers to reduce the risk of infection, improve clinical outcomes and increase health care efficiency throughout the patient pathway.

Our trusted, competent and comprehensive range of solutions for infection prevention, help improve the practice, delivery and outcome of healthcare, through solutions that reduce the risk of exposure to healthcare-associated infections for patients and healthcare professionals.

Some of the products we stock are:

  • Duraprep™
  • Cavilon™
  • Ioban™
  • Micropore™
  • Steri-Vac™ EO Solutions
  • Coban™
  • Attest™
  • Reston™
  • Steri-Gas™
  • Durapore™
  • Tegaderm™
  • Microfoam™
  • Steri-Strip™
  • Transpore™