We stock a range of Systagenix products, please enquire with our sales department for further details.

Systagenix Clinical Solutions

Systagenix’s Clinical Solutions focuses on making patients better. Systagenix products have been clinically evaluated and shown to facilitate healing in the hospital or the home. Acelity has developed a comprehensive range of products and therapies for a wide variety of wounds.

Some of the products we stock are:

  • Abthera dressings
  • Prevena Plus Wounds Therapy System
  • Acti Vac
  • Prevena Short Wound Therapy System
  • Actisorb dressings
  • Promogran Prisma dressings
  • Adaptic Digit dressings
  • Promogran Protease dressings
  • Adaptic Non-Adhesive dressings
  • Silvercel NA Hydro dressings
  • Adaptic Touch Silicone dressings
  • Vac Gel Strips
  • Inadine Dressings
  • Vac Granufoam dressings
  • Info Vac
  • Vac PVA white foam dressing
  • Kerracontact dressings
  • Vac Ulta Veraflo dressings
  • Kerramax Super absorbent dressings
  • Vac Ulta Veralink Install Cassette
  • Nu-Gel Hydrogel with Alginate
  • Vac Y-Connectors
  • Prevena Peel & Place System