Multi-Position Blanket – Model 622

The blanket’s unique bendability feature was inspired by the clinician’s need to optimize patient body surface coverage in order to help maintain normothermia and drive positive patient outcomes.

Effective and Versatile

  • Engineered to deliver improved heat transfer in a wide range of surgical procedures
  • Bends and conforms while providing uniform temperatures
  • Offers optimal patient body surface coverage

Conformable and Transformable

  • Offers fast and easy application
  • Offers greater ability to conform to the patient’s body
  • Engineered to provide minimum loftiness Suitable for perioperative use

Blanket Features

  • When deployed, the attached clear head drape and two neck vents keep warm air around an intubated patient’s head and allow observation
  • Two resealable hose ports provide flexibility in positioning
  • Integrated tie strips and continuous adhesive strip can secure the blanket once placed
  • Material is soft, comfortable, lightweight, and radiolucent

Product Information

Size: 78″ x 24″ (198 x 61 cm)
Weight: 3.7oz (104g)
Units/Case: 10